Some Special features of city gate in Singapore

City Gate is the latest offering made by the fragrance group. The entire complex is about 30 stores in size. The condo unit of the complex will consist of 311 units. The mall of the complex will have approximately 188 retail units. This is one of the best examples of mixed development in complex in the recent times.

some special features of city gate in singapore


There are some features of City Gate which makes it especially favorite to the people. It is the luxury quotient of the complex which makes it especially attractive to the different groups of people. The luxurious finishes include the following:

  • In the interiors of the building, natural marble has been used for the flooring of the living rooms, dining rooms as well as kitchen.
  • The bedrooms have an even expensive offering in the form of timber flooring.
  • The brand of kitchen appliances which have been provided with is of real good quality.
  • The fittings of the household as well as other different wares are of great quality too.
  • The cooker in the kitchen has hood as well as hob. The ovens have microwave feature. The washer is also a dryer, a built in sink and mixer is also present.

Special features

  • A set of furniture is provided for the 1 and 22 bedrooms.
  • The ceiling height is maintained at 3.31 meters for all the furniture decks.
  • The parking space available for the residents is ample in nature. Also one to one provisions for parking the car is available all the different residential units.
  • The frontage provided for your residence is 250 m wide and provides with an excellent view.
  • As mentioned earlier, the ceiling height of 3 meters with a glass fa├žade allows the people who are commercially utilizing the complex to showcase their visually attractive merchandise.

Hence you can clearly see the reason behind City Gate has emerged as the leading mixed development complex of the area.