Lake Grande is progressing towards transformation plans

Jurong transformation plans are high and it will include more than 500 developers, architects and all giant industry players having an extensive experience in transformation upgrades and town planning. Jurong East in Singapore is the line up to be the latest Central Business District and thus no efforts are spared to make this Lake District one of the best upcoming hubs. Owing to this, there is great news as the MCL Land is going to work on Lake Grande Jurong West condo.

The transformation of Jurong West will be near the Jurong Gateway adjacent to the Lake Grande so that it has the proximity also to reach other Singapore parts. In this way Lake Grande, Jurong West and East areas will be also nature rich as it is enveloped by the Jurong Lake District. This area is chosen after consulting many experienced town planners.

The Jurong Lake District that is close by the Lake Grande by MCL Land now provides its house owners an experience of unique novel concept experience that entertains city living in association with rich heritage. With this news, even the commercial developers are excited as it is sure to give opulent opportunities for them to develop and thereby convert the Jurong area into a majestic commercial hub that will be enterprising. It will act as a bright potential for residents in the Jurong West area seeking commercial and leisure activities.

Right now, the efforts include planning and this implies now to include at least 500,000 office spaces, F&B and space for entertainment. As per the sources, there is going to be more attraction as the SLA (Singapore Land Authority) and LTA (Land Transport Authority), the Kuala Lumpur- Singapore High Speed Railway Station will have Jurong East as the main location and the actual site is expected at the existing Jurong Country Club.

Peak condo Cambodia is one of the wonders in Phnom Penh

Since the time of the British colonization the peak in Hong Kong is one of the most favorable places to stay for everyone. The vintage points like mainland china, Victoria peak, Kowloon city, Victoria harbor are the main attractions for the visitors to see. This is the highest point in Hong Kong. The most and the best way to reach the peak is to reach up through the peak tram. This tram is the best way to enjoy the view at Peak condo Cambodia. It starts at the feet of the Victoria feet and takes to the top with the help of the steel cable. The most fascinating thing look the tram takes the route to the opposite of the slope of the road. The peak tower is one of the architects that will attract the other people. Its looks like a metallic bowl.

peak condo cambodia is one of the wonders in phnom penh

The beautification

The peak tower is being supported with many of the shopping malls and other shops. There is also one of the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, which is one of best museum to watch. The other thing that steals the show is the peak explorer. This is nothing but a motion simulator. The other things is Ripley’s Believe It or Not auditorium any many more things at Peak condo Cambodia facilities.

The city tour

The tour guide for the tourist tells that the best way to enjoy the scenic beauty is to come up during the day time and go down while the evening. There are various other gardens in the modern city. Many contemporary hotels could take your breath away. The old clothes could be found out in many shops. If one want modern suits and rooms that are also available. Lastly the city will never demoralize you from its scenic beauty of Peak condo Cambodia.

High Park Residence Singapore, position strategy at its best

High Park Residences does it’s best to ensure each resident gets the most out of his purchase in all spheres. The apartments are comfortable and well spaced. 188 facilities will never keep someone bored. Nature enthusiasts get their share form the numerous parks and waterways in vicinity to their home. Retail satisfaction is quenched firmly, as does entertainment.

high park residence singapore position strategy at its best

Job Opportunities

Central Business District is in close proximity to the site, the cheap housing solutions will attract a lot of workers. Multiple transportation options means residences wont feel heckled to travel long distances from High Park Residences Singapore for work or other business interests.
A number of small industries, manufacturing firms, Research and Development Labs and retail spaces is slated to emerge around the condominium. They will offer a variety of jobs for all kinds of workers, a steady flow of job opportunity is also going to stay for a long time.

A lot of hospitals in the region will have medical professionals as a viable clientèle. Still lot more well established education institutions will provide students with quality teachings, a fact many families with kids will consider before moving to a new place.
Seletar Aerospace Park is being constructed near the site, that will provide a lot of demanding positions in the tunes of over 10,000. This will led to a price surge for the apartments in the future.

Future cost return

A demand in housing property is expected in the near future as the region will provide a lot of job for all kinds of workers. Tenure fee at High Park Residences Singapore thus is expected to rise, generating good profit for early investors. The commercial spaces available for sale will also witness a surge in their demand and cost per area.

What are the useful Information needed about buying and selling Flats and Landed Property in Singapore?

Since, Singapore is a small country, the land is scarce and costly. Hence, housing comprises mainly of condominiums. Landed properties, apartments are the primary property types. Foreigners should understand this clearly as there are ownership restrictions in purchasing such condominiums like The Terrace.

what are the useful information needed about buying and selling flats and landed property in singapore

The Terrace

The Terrace were constructed with the objective of taking care of the lodging issue in the nation so that the low-income groups will be profited. Today, these condominiums are looked for after, on the grounds that they are reasonable. They are self-sufficient communities and all vital amenities are given. There are studio and executive sort of apartments.

Regulations for Property Ownership

Ownership for landed property in Singapore by foreigners is not allowed according to the 1973 Residential Property Act.’ However, foreigners can make an application to the government and get approval for the buy. By an amendment of the RPA in 2005, foreigners can buy condominiums below 6 stories without prior permission. On the other hand, for vacant land, cabins, terraced and semi-disconnected houses, prior consent is needed. Thus, it is great that outsiders get legitimate direction before purchasing any property. As per the Act, the property alludes to a building proposed for any utilization with the exception of as residence.

Just took the ribbon off new Condos

An executive condominium in Singapore is likewise a public lodging apartment; however these are fabricated for youthful experts who don’t have the assets to buy private property yet have the fortitude to purchase a level better. The guidelines for buying this sort of condo are the same if the EC level is more than 10 years, the owner can offer it to any nonnative. Besides, there is a salary breaking point to meet all requirements for buying an executive condominium; your income should not be more than 12,000SGD a month. Interested in purchasing another condo like The Terrace. Provided that this is true, contact a reliable property specialists who will have the capacity to work out all the conventions and find another condo within your budget.

Some Special features of city gate in Singapore

City Gate is the latest offering made by the fragrance group. The entire complex is about 30 stores in size. The condo unit of the complex will consist of 311 units. The mall of the complex will have approximately 188 retail units. This is one of the best examples of mixed development in complex in the recent times.

some special features of city gate in singapore


There are some features of City Gate which makes it especially favorite to the people. It is the luxury quotient of the complex which makes it especially attractive to the different groups of people. The luxurious finishes include the following:

  • In the interiors of the building, natural marble has been used for the flooring of the living rooms, dining rooms as well as kitchen.
  • The bedrooms have an even expensive offering in the form of timber flooring.
  • The brand of kitchen appliances which have been provided with is of real good quality.
  • The fittings of the household as well as other different wares are of great quality too.
  • The cooker in the kitchen has hood as well as hob. The ovens have microwave feature. The washer is also a dryer, a built in sink and mixer is also present.

Special features

  • A set of furniture is provided for the 1 and 22 bedrooms.
  • The ceiling height is maintained at 3.31 meters for all the furniture decks.
  • The parking space available for the residents is ample in nature. Also one to one provisions for parking the car is available all the different residential units.
  • The frontage provided for your residence is 250 m wide and provides with an excellent view.
  • As mentioned earlier, the ceiling height of 3 meters with a glass façade allows the people who are commercially utilizing the complex to showcase their visually attractive merchandise.

Hence you can clearly see the reason behind City Gate has emerged as the leading mixed development complex of the area.